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basement finishing kits
I have a four bedroom raised ranch home. My lower level is the garage area and laundry room.?

Also that is were the water heater and furnace is. We wanted to get it finished carpet, wiring, paint insulation. Does anybody know a price range for finishing a basement? Or has anyone finish their basements by theirselves. I know Lowes and Home Depot sell like basement kits.

Basements = Potential moisture problems. Serious ones at that. Professional is the ONLY way to go. Use seperate contractors for carpentry and heating/cooling. Almost ALL will give you free estimates. ALWAYS oversee your contractor… ALWAYS. It will be money well spent . You keep the moisture out and you will be fine. Price, of course, will vary depending on size, type of rooms you want and how fancy you care to make them.

[Basement Kits] DIY Basement Remodeling by Toledo Basements

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